Variety Pack Vol. 1

We're going to start something a little new around here. Every Friday, I'll be sharing my weekly variety pack - a grab bag of all the Internet things and IRL things that made my week. The things I'm jamming out to, sharing with friends & family and passing along on the socials.  

All eyes were on my former love and residence Cleveland this week for the circus we all collectively called the RNC but I was too busy reading the incredible praise media members showered on the city. Like this Washington Post writeup and this Fortune article and this thank you video from the GOP and this one from Forbes.

I'm officially, officially in training mode for my fifth half marathon and these Picky Bars have quickly become my new favorite post-workout fuel. And this NY Times feature on co-founder and retired elite runner Lauren Fleshman is inspiring and eye opening and somehow makes me love these bars even more. 

While the Taylor Swift / Kim K. / Kanye drama has been filling up everyone's newsfeeds, I've been jamming out all week to a new Taylor, Taylor Buono and her single, Technically Single

I'm still dreaming about the #GreenvilleBlogger monthly meet up a couple of weeks back at Ink n Ivy. Go because it's delicious and cool and fun and when you do, definitely order their Gentleman's Choice cocktail. It was *this close* to having me declare that I like whiskey. 

This profile on Food & Wine about a new app that is changing the way we all look at nutritional facts had me feeling like maybe we finally found a way to make healthy choices without feeling like we need a degree from MIT to understand what we're eating. 

And to cap it off we're closing down birthday week, which was filled with dinner, wine, ice cream cakes, a very "you know you're getting old when" #treatyoself purchase and flowers from my new favorite florist